About Us

ProFactor Pharma Limited (PFP) is a UK based company formed in 2009 by Professor J H McVey and Dr Ian Garner, who had been working with recombinant human Factor VIII (rhFVIII) for over 25 years, together with Co-founders Richard Cruse, Bruce Vernon and Hugh Ilyine, a team with many years of biotech experience.

Sadly, both Ian and Hugh passed away too soon but the company has continued to make progress. The team has been developed with the addition of pharma executives bringing their experience to bear on the company strategy.

PFP has a collaboration with Bio Farma Persero (Indonesia) for the scale-up development, clinical trials and commercialisation of its recombinant Factor VIII.

Factor VIII is a large, complex and inherently unstable protein, requiring particular skills and know-how in its handling and production. PFP has these skills.

PFP has developed a patent protected, commercially attractive, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compatible cell-line and low cost production process for making rhFVIII. The process has been optimised and final product manufactured for toxicology studies completed in 2021.

Together with our partner, Bio Farma, clinical trials are planned to commence in 2024.