ProFactor Pharma is pleased to announce completion of a further investment round. The investment will enable PFP to progress the company’s clinical stage Recombinant Human Factor VIII to market and to engage with commercial licensing opportunities.

The funding opportunity received support from existing and new investors, members of Kelvin Capital.  

PFP has developed a CHO cell-based production process for Recombinant Human Factor VIII. The Company has patents granted on the upstream process and further applications covering the downstream process. Pre-clinical toxicology studies were successfully completed in 2021 with human clinical trials commencing in 2024.

Recombinant Human Factor VIII is used for the treatment of Haemophilia A, a genetic disorder affecting almost 700,000 individuals world-wide. But, in a market worth $9 billion, almost three-quarters of these patients receive inadequate or no treatment at all, according to the World Federation of Hemophilia, due to both the lack of availability and of affordable product. 

Jaymin Amin, PFP’s CEO added: “PFP’s process will be a game-changer for those patients currently untreated due to the current high price of treatment but, importantly, PFP will provide an additional source of Recombinant Human Factor VIII to a severely underserved market.”

John McNicol, Director at Kelvin Capital said: “Kelvin Capital has supported ProFactor Pharma since the very early development stages and is delighted to see it get to this important stage in its journey.