Dr Ian Fotheringham

Chief Technical Officer

Ian Fotheringham Ian Fotheringham is the CEO at Ingenza Ltd and has been hugely supportive of the company since the business relationship started. He represents Ingenza’s interest in PFP as well as providing technical advice. He received a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology with Professor David Sherratt at the University of Glasgow in 1986. Joining the NutraSweet division of Monsanto Corporation in Chicago IL, he then spent 6 years developing microbial strains for the manufacture of L-phenylalanine and the peptide sweetener Aspartame. From 1992, with NSC Technologies, Great Lakes Fine Chemicals, Richmond Chemical Corp and Ingenza, he has continued to develop large-scale industrial bioprocesses to produce chiral compounds, including non-proteinogenic amino acids and carbohydrates. He has published 30 papers and holds 7 current patents.