Dr Ian Garner

Dr Ian Garner – Founder (Deceased)

Ian graduated with a BSc Hons in Genetics from Leeds University followed by a PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Edinburgh. From 1977-79 he worked on the first use of genetic engineering in an industrial process whilst at ICI. Postdoctoral experience was gained at the Pasteur Institute in Paris following which, he returned to the UK to work in the UK Biotechnology sector. Ian worked with Delta Biotechnology (Nottingham) 1988-90, being responsible for the expression of rFVIII in the milk of transgenic livestock and mammalian cells in vitro. In 1990; he joined PPL Therapeutics as Assistant Director of Research, where he further developed this technology in Scotland and the USA. During his 9 years with the company, Ian performed a range of functions including Research Management and Product Discovery, and had significant exposure to Business Development and Intellectual Property Management. Ian has overseen the production of over 30 recombinant proteins including five protein members of the blood coagulation cascade. Ian joined Stem Cell Sciences UK as Chief Operating Officer in 2000, establishing the company’s UK base in Edinburgh. In 2003, Ian was appointed CEO at NCIMB Ltd, Aberdeen, and led them to the verge of a public listing. Since 2005, Ian has been operating as an independent consultant to the Life Sciences Sector in the UK and Europe.

Ian, sadly, died suddenly in January 2017.