Dr V Paul Gerskowitch

Non-executive Investor Director

Dr V Paul Gerskowitch joined PFP’s board as an Investor Director in August 2019.  He was a Founder, Director and Chairman at Resolomics, a private biotechnology company developing proprietary Lipid Mediator Signatures as novel biomarkers for diagnosis, disease staging and for monitoring response to specific therapy in patients with inflammatory diseases.

Paul was a Board Director at Genometrics, the J&J-funded James Black Foundation, the MRC Collaborative Centres at both London and Edinburgh, Lectus Therapeutics, Axordia and was Director of Biomedical Research at Wyeth Research UK.  Later he moved from therapeutic R&D to focus on strategic transactions within the healthcare sector.  He served as, Executive Chairman at Tranziger, Group Director Scientific Affairs at Ferghana and Principal at IP Asset Ventures.  He has wide-ranging experience of multi-disciplinary, translational clinical research and served as a member of the British Heart Foundation’s Translational Award Committee.

Dr Gerskowitch has extensive therapeutic development experience, particularly related to  gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, regenerative medicine and oncology product opportunities.  During the past twenty years, Paul played a significant role in the successful execution of an eclectic array of higher, value-impacting, corporate strategic transactions.

Early in his career Paul held positions of increasing responsibility.  He was a Clinical Biochemist at the University Department of Pathological Biochemistry, Glasgow; a Senior Pharmacologist at ICI’s Pharmaceutical Division and a Principal Research Scientist at the Nobel Laureate, Sir James Black’s Exploratory Research Group at Wellcome Research.  Paul stimulated the advancement of several molecules towards clinical development and was an architect of successful development strategies overseeing four investigational drugs.  He has co-authored over 65 peer-reviewed publications and is an inventor on several patents.